Legend of the Rune Bearers

The Travelers first villiage (Through the eyes of the lovable Bruma)

After a day of searching we had lost the tracks of the old man. I shrugged and let out a groan, my nature skills failed me. What we did manage to find though was the last whereabouts of the old man. Excited to find other life other than animals we eagerly made our way to the small village.
Upon arival what we saw wasn’t much but we were still excited to explore around (Mortignar wasn’t as enthusiastic, to him this was just another place to lay waste), plus knowing him we had to be careful around him when he speaks. To top it all off the fact that he had horns on his head diddn’t help much at all. Villagers were staring at us (Yes, we were an odd group of travelers, probably nothing like what they had seen before), I mean just look at us. There was myself (although I don’t see how anyone could possibly think I wasn’t cute and cuddly), there was our little crow-like assassin friend Berrian (With a tenancy to try and steal shiny things, and always on my back, but that was ok with me. He wasn’t heavy at all), there was our human bard Amber (Probably the most diplomatic of us all, with mad skills at that box with strings on it everyone calls a ‘lute’), and now there was our new friend Vaelis (I’m not sure what he is yet, but he was badly beaten up so he wasn’t just a pile of rocks.. he was a pile of rocks with feelings). In my opinion I think this is a pretty normal group, but that’s just me.

I was thirsty, so I decided to hop someones stone fence and drink from their well.. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind. Some people watched this and I don’t know what they were thinking, with their silly expressions on their faces, but I didn’t care. Hopping across the fence and back to the group I looked at them while they had another kind of silly expression on their faces. I really don’t get some of these weird facial expressions, but maybe one day I will figure them out.

The village was very small with only a few houses and a church up on a hill. Each house represented an Inn that we could stay at. There was a really nice one that was close to the church, and it seemed to have a small orchard next to it. The next one wasn’t as fancy but it was very much lived in and probably cozy enough. The last one looked almost scary, but you could still make out one or two people inside. We chose the last one because we didn’t want to spend any more money than we should for just sleeping under a roof. Before going to an inn to rest Mortignar wanted to check out the church, I don’t know what for but it seemed as though this guy had a past to him that involved maybe a church? or maybe he just wanted to see which God they worshiped. It became pretty apparent which God they worshiped when we entered. The place was seemed very huge on the inside, with a ceiling that even I couldn’t reach. The only one interested in the matter of speaking with the priest was Morty (Our nickname for Mortignar). The rest of us decided to check the place out, with Amber just standing near the door. After a while Berrian and I became bored and sat down to pass the time. We heard Morty and the Priest speaking louder and then soften their tones again keeping their conversation secret, with Mortignar still speaking in a bolder more noticeable fashion. We caught a slight glimpse of what they were talking about and decided to try and listen in, the only one not entirely interested was Amber. What we could make out was that they were talking about certain Gods, one particular one came up and at that moment the candles flared up. Berrian and I were excited and tried to figure out which word made the candles do that. We figured out the name and we both started shouting it, making the candles flare up more and more each time. It was like a game, and Amber saw this and thought it was fun so she decided to enter in. We counted to three and we all shouted (insert name of God here) and the candles flared up to new heights. It was fun while it lasted but the Priest didn’t like it so he commanded us to leave. I was sad because the fun and games were over, drooping my ears down. We figured out that what we thought was the god they worshiped was wrong, rather they were worshiping another god yet using this one as a cover up, for reasons I don’t know.

We made our way to the slightly disturbing inn, with all the travelers inside it became a little crampy, but there was still moving space around us. There was a short little dwarfish guy who approached us. This guy seemed to be the inn keeper the way he addressed us. Mortignar was about to speak to him but I tried to cover his mouth because his mouth was what made us get into a lot of trouble back in the past, but it failed again! (Blast.. I’ve got to work on being quicker). Morty threatened the inn keeper which made him startled, and slightly afraid. He gave us useful information and let us stay at the inn for free (aww, what a nice man). He told us that we had to keep our pets outside though.. I looked around. When I realized he was talking about me I became shocked with the rest of the group. I became very sad and gave him a sorrowful look (puppy eyes, engage!). Amber decided to convince the inn keeper to let me stay, thank goodness that worked because now I was able to stay inside in the nice warm inn with spiders to keep me company. The sun was still out, but not for very long as everything had a slight glow too it as the sun set behind the mountains. We left Vaelis at the inn and we went to the stores to pick up some things that we could use and to give our unwanted and broken items away for gold or repairs.

The first shop we entered was very interesting indeed, not because of the stuff that was for sale or the way the store was laid out, but because of the very extravagant store clerk at the other end of the desk. This man was very colorful I couldn’t stop staring at him wide eyed. His robes were very thick, covering up his whole body except for the tips of his hands and his head. I wanted to give him a big hug but there were shoulder armor pads that were extremely pointy so I decided not too. At this point however Mortignar really wanted the shiny robes I was carrying. They were of no real use to me and he held an item that I really wanted. I gave him the robes and he gave me the item I wanted, to my surprise the store clerk was very thrilled at this act of kindness and gave us all (15gp. Still guessing). I was so happy that I wanted to give him another hug but saw the shoulder pads and slouched again in sadness and almost in defeat. After a while we had all our items traded off for gold. I was so excited that I almost accidentally sold the book that had the records of everything I ever did in my life. The store clerk was very amused and even laughed a couple of times. He told me that this could make a very good read and that he would offer me 75 gold peices. I was almost so tempted, but I knew that I was still trying to figure out myself and needed that book so I declined, he was very sad at my decision but respected it none the less. Berrian gave his helm for the clerk to repair, but realizing that he didn’t necessarily need it, so he let me pay for the repairs so I could have it. I agreed. It was fun in that store and I definitely wanted to meet that colorful store clerk again (Hopefully without those huge pointy shoulder armor). The sun was almost down and everything was gradually getting darker, hearing the fist chirps of crickets in the distance. Mortignar wanted to make one more stop before returning to the inn, so we decided to check out this trinket store.

As we entered the store my eyes widened, and so did Berrian’s. I saw all the shiny things around and was mesmerized, and I’m sure Berrian was there plotting ways to acquire some of these shinnies. Mortignar went up to the front while we looked around. I didn’t know what he said (And I should have been there to shut his mouth, but knowing my reaction time I probably would have failed anyway), but all of a sudden the old lady at the other end of the desk held a sword to him and pointed to the door. Amber tried to talk to her to let us stay but instead the old lady lifted up her hand and conjured a fire ball out of no where.. how rude. Defeated, we all left the shop, some of us nudging Mortignar. I looked back at the old woman and gave her my wide eyed, teary look (Puppy eyes, Engage!). With nothing else left to do and the light fading away we made our way back to the inn.

It had been a long day and there was much more to face in the future. After talking to the inn keeper some more we all decided to make our way to our beds so we can rest and think over all the things we’ve acquired to our knowledge.

(I left out some parts where other characters were more attune to rather than my own. I also left out very few parts that I had forgotten over time. Just view the videos of our night to get the whole story :) thanks)

The Catacombs part 3 (Through the eyes of the lovable bruma)

The battle raged on inside the illuminated room. My hits weren’t landing anyone but we still had our combat crazed, battle mage Mortignar landing brutal hits, and our trusty bard Amber playing her loot and causing enemies to think we attacked them instead of her. Off in the corner, hiding and obviously for the first time this wasn’t his fault, Berrian struck his foes even though he was cornered. The numbers of our enemies withdrew as we kept killing them off one by one. All throughout this battle the crazy old man kept using this weird power I have never felt before. It kept reaching for the orb I had in my backpack, but I was able to fend off this weird form of magic… for a while. But as the numbers dwindled and my strength diminishing, the old man (dr. Seuss we called him) managed to conjure a spell that sneaked past me reaching for the orb. With the orb now in his hands there was nothing more for him here, so being a coward he left the dungeon leaving his minions behind to kill us, or rather die by our hands as the circumstances led to.

The party was devastated, we had lost the one important thing entrusted to us by the creatures in the cave. We journeyed out way through part of the catacombs we hadn’t explored yet, finding out that we had taken a rout which was much more pleasing than one we could have gone on. We also made our way past the lying and truthful statues and up the stairs.

We all made our way out of the hole that we once made our way through to reach the catacomb. What we thought to expect a rusty old shack, now appears nothing but burnt wood and scattered pieces of remains hardly worth scavenging. None the less we searched for some promised gold, knowing full well that there probably wouldn’t be any left, but to our surprise we managed to gain a total of (20 gp, but that’s just guessing). Nothing left for us here we decided to go and follow the old man’s footprints. We decided to set up camp and rest up before journeying through the forest.

The Catacombs part 2 (Through the eyes of the lovable bruma)

Somehow after a gruesome battle and our efforts to stop the others from setting off more traps, it was time to head on.

We entered a quiet dark cave, cold and damp. The light that I carried illuminated the room only slightly. One thing for sure that we could see almost clearly was the orb the old man was talking about. Our group huddled in and started making out what we should do next. All of a sudden I realized that this was the orb and blurted it out. It seemed pretty obvious at the time but I just had to make sure with everyone that we were on the same page. Our next action was to take the rope we had and throw it onto the cliff so one of us could climb to the top. We chose Berrian for this because he was the lightest of us all. I tied the rope around my waste for more support. Berrian successfuly acquired the orb and brought it down to us. We lost some rope trying to get it back. We all stood there looking at the orb, deciding whether or not we should take it back to the old man because it seemed very important. Inside the cave many small growls were emitting off the walls, and one larger growl from on top of the cliff. We soon noticed that we were surrounded and that there was no way out. The beast on top hissed out a warning to those whom stole the ‘shiny’ (Which was us). We were just deciding on whether it was a good idea or not to attack them and maybe if we talked more about the situation with them then we can work something out.. but oh no, it had to be Mortignar again to screw things up. Shouting out a threat then casting out a magic missile that was more powerfull then all his others, he struck the largest beast. Our bard managed to heal him and ask for forgiveness for our friends actions.

Off the the side of the cliff the adventurers noticed another man lying on the ground, badly bruised. Our bard wanted to help him but he was fine.

After figuring out that they were under a curse but they were friendly we decided to have an intelligent conversation with him, rather than just plain attacking them with brute force. These are no ordinary creatures. They spoke english, but not to well though. The leader speaks of the orb and why we wish to take it. We try reasoning with him but so far nothing to avail. He finaly says that he will only give it up to the rune barrers. We all lift up our hands excitedly (Me the most). He sees our hands and is in shock. He excitedly lets us keep the orb now, jumping onto the ice. Bruma Jumped excitedly to hug the (can’t remember the beasts name). As he leapt towards the ice his companions reached out, almost appearing to be in slow motion, towards Bruma, shouting “nooo, Bruma”. As Bruma Hugged the (edit) he heard a craking noise. Eyes widened in shock as the big tauren thought he had cracked (edit’s) ribcage. Suddenly realizing the actual situation he looked down to his hoofs to find that he had actually stepped on ice and is just about to crack underneath his feet. Just as quickly as he looked down he grabbed the (edit) and jumped to shore with (edit) in his arms triumphantly, almost proud with himself for the feat (although he had caused the disaster in the first place). After when we leave him we know that soon he will perish. I became sad at this point and wanted him to stay with us, but he insisted that he stay and that we should go. Ears droop, but give him a big hug anyway.

The adventurers returned to the rune room, Bruma helping Vaelis walk, to find the old man standing there. He demands we give him the orb but we decide to keep it. Mortignar was just about to yell off at the old man again when Bruma tried to hold his mouth, but failed. After the taunt the old man laughed and attacked us, summoning 4 other minions who looked fairly tougher then any we had faced yet.

(To be continued)
(Sorry this wasn’t as descriptive as the last but it’s been 2 weeks or so since we did this and I’m tired and not very creative at this point x.x)

The Catacombs

This adventure log is written in the perspective of Mortignar Vox’Potestas. If anyone else wishes to create an adventure log for this session feel free, as I may miss out on some pertinent details.

I have found some back pages on my spellbook given to me by Asmodeus that are empty. I’ve decided to use these to record down my achievements and progress of my life. I remember the villagers of Unduin would use empty books as well to write down there days. They called them journal’s, I guess this shall suffice.

Entry 1,
As I stood before my village, watching the last few flames from my magic burn it to a smoldering ruin, a dove with a message within its talons came to me. To my surprise the message was titled to me, Mortignar Vox’Potestas. After my initial shock (given that I only recently named myself that, after being tired of being known as “child”) I read its contents.

The message directed me to an old cottage like hut, offering me a thousand gold pieces if I complete the quest offered there. How could I refuse? The chance to fight in battle to increase my prowess and being offered money for it?

At the cottage I found three other adventurer’s waiting there. They also recieved similar messages that I had. I was in a a slight state of shock that they did not remark on my teifling features. But only one of them were human so I guess that makes sense. I’m only normal among other non humans it would seem. The old man who lived there wanted us to enter these catacombs that had some kind of magical orb that he desired. But goblins lead by a knoll had broken in. Entering the catacombs we were confronted with two enchanted statues that gaurded two separate paths. One was far more dangerous then the other, and we were given a riddle to solve to descover which is the safe route.

After solving the riddle we moved on, into a facinating room full of books depicting the life stories with vast detail of myself and my three companions. I quickly took the book not wanting the others to know the details of my powers, or my past crimes. They have more uses to me then becoming obsticales in my path.

The others also took their books and we moved on, unnerved by these turn of events. We then came across a statue blocking our path. After triggering it into a defensive fight, me and the assassin (which I have been taking a liking to. He is skilled in death, and could be a very valuable person to befriend. Or at least befriend untill i have no use of his skills) took out most of the assailents. The bard didn’t do much in the way of fighting, but was a skilled healer. The Minitour had some bad luck, fighting creatures with strong armor. But I’m certain it will also have uses later in combat with foes that have more… fleshy parts.

Onwards we traveled in the catcombs untill we litterally fell into a room. It had arcane symbols inlaid into the ground. They were written in Supernal the bard figured, and that is the language of the gods.

I stepped on the rune of chaos, and the symbol seared into my flesh. Though I quite like it, the chaos I will wrought on my road to fate shall be great indeed. Our assassin however did something that I quite liked. He triggered a trap, unleashing undead hounds from the catacombs. The battle was simple and we stood victorius with little to no effort.

I seeing that there was still 4 un-opened catacombs decided to trigger the trap again wanting some more things to kill. Well… unfortunatly all I succeeded in doing was electrocuting us. After being wounded our assassin opened up one of the sarcoughagis. In attempt to rob the dead (looks like my greed for power is matched by our assassins greed for… well greed.) the dead awoke.

The battle that insued…. was nothing that I have ever seen. It was beutifull, more then beutifull. My life was stretched to its very limits, my blood flowed forth from my body, boiling and burning from my spells and spilling into the room. I have never felt such excitement, rage, and battle.

I passed out. After the battle was over, we set up camp, I tended to my wounds, and I write down into this journal.

The Catacombs (Through the eyes of the lovable bruma)
The Catacombs

The greater understanding of myself. Every day is a challenge for me. My own kind have abandoned me. My friends, family, all gave up on me. I was not like the rest of my clan. I have been gifted, although some (especially my own) would call it a curse. I’m a super smart minotaur :D
Highly intelligent but still have the tendencies of my past. Every so often I revert back to my old self. But other times, occurring either every so often or for long periods of time, I would get a surge of pure knowledge running through my mind. This has led me to study my behavior, to figure out myself and to reach a higher level of being in order to truly know whom I am and my true self. I am keeping this journal of everything I do from the day I was kicked out of my clan, so that I may study myself when I acquire vasts amounts of knowledge, to study my past and to study what makes me tick. This is my story, as true as I need it (Which would be fully) and if any were to find my story and wish to study me then let them as so they wish.

It had been a long day adventuring further and further away from once he called home. The others just didn’t understand and so cast out one of their own for his many different tendencies. Although he did act like one of their own, he did manage to puzzle and even scare some with his random sophisticated and highly knowledgeable sentences. Bruma was very sad when he remembered his past, full of life and happiness with his fellow minotaur friends and family, he would not soon forget those he has.. a butterfly caught his attention and the friendly beast was instantly hooked, gazing at the little creature with flappy wings. As Bruma followed the butterfly down the forest path another flying creature found his presence. Bruma looked up to find that this creature was carrying something. He quickly snatched it from the innocent looking bird, almost smacking it clear out of the air. As the bird flew away Bruma read the note which was strange, because it was entitled to him. Reading it peaked his curiosity and his new found lust for adventure. Intrigued with the reward offered of around 1000 gold coins Bruma suddenly became very excited, walking towards his destinations following the directions on the note, oh boi oh boi oh boi.

The small house became visible to him and that’s when he saw 3 others whom were very different from him. His tail started to wag as he thought (Oh boi, new friends). Everyone seemed to make their way inside where they met an old man at the other end of a table. As soon as Bruma entered the room, slightly struggling to get through the door, the whole room suddenly became very cramped (I hope no one else notices..). Before they all became acquainted with each other the old man spoke up. As the man spoke Bruma thought to himself that this man must have kept to himself for many a year, yet seemed to be highly knowledgeable to some degree. He told the adventurers that there was a shiny orb (oooooh), a sort of entity that none of us seemed to have any rec-elation of, also the old man would not tell us except that it hold sentimental value to him. He showed us to the back of the hut where there was a whole in the ground big enough to even fit myself (Which I was slightly surprised, no one should have such a hole in their own house). We all managed to enter in this hole.. it quikly became dark.

As we walked down the staircase I suddenly had the urge to say my name (but very quietly, I hope no one noticed), Bruma bruma bruma bruma. Once we made our way down the stairs it was pitch black, so I decided to pull out my torch. A the light illuminated the room we saw two doors, one in front of us, and one to our left. We also noticed that next to these doors seemed to be some strange statues that we could not rec-elect on what origin they were based, either these were very old statues or someone was feeling very abstract when designing these. All of a sudden like the room flashed with a very bright light (pretty sure it wasn’t my lamp that did it either..), but once we could see more fully we noticed that the light came from the eyes of the statues. As we stood there in the middle of the room stunned for a second the statues spoke up. They told us very straightforward that one of them always lied and that the other always told the truth and that we may ask 5 questions, and we can not ask the same question twice. One of us previously noticed a slight aura in the air, a sort of magical presence.. I’m guessing these statues had to have some connection to it. We quikly realized that these statues were designed to keep travelers from walking in the right direction. As I stood there contemplating a question, it became very apparent that one of use seemed to have the perfect question that would answer this riddle right off the bat. Once the question was asked it became very apparant that the door to the left was the right way to go (I was kind of hoping that were so because I like going to the left for some reason). As each of us asked our other questions is became very apparent that the first question was enough to solve the riddle. I asked the last question and, recalling from what I’ve heard from the old man, I asked if there was anyone whom went through this door. The statue answered that someone has gone through here and made their way down these corridors. I kept that in my mind for future reference.

We made our way through the door.. finding another room with a couple of desks, both next to a wall on either side of the room. As we studied these books it became quickly apparent that these books held very significant value to each of us. As I looked over at my new fellow companions I found that they were quickly hiding the books in their back sacks or robes. I read mine and quickly figured out why. At that moment I was so excited and wanted to share my story with everyone, but then my tendency fade away and I contemplated that this would probably be a bad idea so I just stored mine away like the rest. There was only one way to go after that, and as we were deciding on what we should do next, our bard friend spotted something underneath a table. I looked over at it too and saw that it was a lever. I got very excited and wanted to push it to see what happened.. but I was very clumsy in that room and tripped, falling on the table, breaking it and pushing the lever (It was strange because I could of sworn that I had become a tad bit stronger after smashing that table.. oh well). As soon as I tripped on the lever a chest popped up. I wanted to go open it but realized that from what previously happened maybe I should take it easy, besides it looked as though our assassin like friend (I like him, he’s a bird :D) was deciphering the lock. Once he picked it and made sure it wasn’t a trap he stepped aside and seemed to notion to me that maybe I should open it. Everyone seemed to think this was a good idea because I was the one that conjured it from a flick of a switch. I didn’t argue, I was too excited too. I opened it and with wide eyes I saw a very silky and almost shiny robe. I couldn’t put it on because I wasn’t made for that sort of thing, although I could but that would make me appear more silly than I already am. The mage of our group seemed to be very interested in this sort of material.. but I wasn’t quick to give it to him yet (Tradesies?). I decided to keep a hold of it for now until we found something that I could wield.

We were done with the room so we decided to march on forward, with me at the front (Due to my size, obviously). The hallway stretched out long and was very narrow.. I could touch the two walls with the furs on my shoulders. It wasn’t far down the hallway that we discovered two golem like statues, at least that is what some of us presumed them to be but we still decided to double check this (I decided to give one a hug, just in case). One of us noted that these had a slight magic aura around them, but it was highly unnoticeable and barely anything to take note of. One of us had a brilliant idea (I think it was our raven assassin friend) that we should attack them just in case. We took our hits on them, both landing successful, but it seemed as though our hits didn’t take into account hardly at all, at least not for the slight rumble that was made when our weapons hit. We soon felt pretty foolish (At least I did) when we realized that we didn’t make any affect on our situation, so we decided to ignore them and move on without question.

We made our way to a much larger room that was dimly lit by my lantern, other then that it was pitch black. Our mage like friend decided to go ahead of me and scope out the area with his dim light vision. We saw an enormous statue that seemed to be guarding a door. As we approached it one of us triggered it through voice recognition and it began to speak to us. It appeared that a certain command would allow him to move, or so we thought. We knew this was a bad idea as suddenly the monstrous statue came to life and started attacking us. During the battle I was so ashamed that none of my swings were hitting the creature, the bard was doing a highly great job at healing us, but seemed to be a coward and stayed in the corner (I wouldn’t blame her, plus she seemed to be the weakest out of us all). As we continued fighting the two golems from before came to life and charged their way down the hallway at us. We killed one of them after killing the huge monster. As the first golem died it appeared that the other one started to cry slightly. After a moment of puzzlement from the rest of us it became enraged and attacked our mage again, trying to bite at him. Our assassin did well in taking out the beast, as it strangled him to death (I was pretty amazed and impressed with this feat.) but near the end of the battle it was mage who seemed the most pleased from this encounter (I’m not too sure about him, it appeared as though he was hungry for battle and had a sort of bloodlust feature to him. He may be a shady character, but he’s our current party member, and new found friend. Dawwww). Anyway, we made our way through the huge doors.. finding a small room with scattered rubble.

The pathway to the left seemed to be perfect for our assassin friend whom made his way past the fiery torches, disarming each trap with some struggle, but finally making his way to the chest to retrieve his prize (I could not remember this item for he took it into his sack before he returned.

The other room was very blank except for a single chest next to the most incredibly huge hole i’ve seen all day. I tried to pick up the door and throw it into the room to see if there were any traps but the door was too heavy for me to pick up (surprising, I know). Being in my foolish behavior mode, I decided to rush towards the nearest rubble I found to pick up a rock. I fell into a hole. It was dark, it was scary, and I was alone. From up above I found my fellow adventurers looking down on me, this made me slightly ashamed of myself but none of them seemed to care and were eager to help. The bird like creature (My fwend :3) jumped down to grab me, and lifted me up with these sort of wings that had grown on his back (Must’ve been really lucky with the spirits). As we contemplated on reaching the chest, our smallest friend (And probably the most lightest of us all) told us that he was going to be really careful and reach the chest. I didn’t think this was such a bad idea until the floor caved in and he fell through. Thank goodnes I didn’t decide to go charging into the room earlier. We called down to him, we could barely see the room he was in. We asked if he needed help but he highly insisted that he was ok and that we should head back for whatever reason. We knew that something was up, in a strange way, and decided to use my rope to get us down to him.

Once we all made our way to the room my eyes widened (As I’m sure the others were equally entranced). The room seemed to illuminate with a strange glow, none of us really needed to check if there was some sort of magic presence around for it became highly apparent. As we looked around the mage of our group stepped on one of the tablets that was scattered across the room (Either by mistake or from full recognition, I don’t know). He seemed pleased to be where he was standing and we all realized that these tablets meant something and that if we stepped on one that they may give a positive feedback. From earlier one of us figured out that these runes were of an old God language, and that each of these symbols had significance to each of us (There was spirit, harmony, shadow, greed, and chaos..) but also another, which was destiny, but that one seemed to already had been stepped on. This peaked my curiosity slightly, remembering from when the first statues we met, asking if anyone had come down here recently. Our assassin friend quickly ran for the greed one, thinking it belonged to him. We soon realized the irony of the situation when a larg rattle came from the walls and beasts appeared from the doors.

After the quick battle we decided to play it smart and step on the tablet that we thought closely resembled us. As we each stepped on one we noticed a door slightly opening each time. I stepped on spirit, the bard stepped on harmony, the assassin found his and stepped on shadow, and the mage stayed on the one he was currently on before. We all felt a sort of weird power flow through us as we stood on these tablets in the ground (The bard wanted to cut one out and make them into boots, I chuckled slightly almost thinking that that was a good idea). As we made our way to the door the mage became bloodthirsty again and ran towards a tablet that wasn’t his own (Ironically greed again). We tried to slow him down, I through my rope at him and managed to wrangle him tight, but he managed to break free and kept running towards it. As he hit the switch the door closed quickly and a loud rumble echoed through the room. I was slightly scared but the mage seemed to be laughing and was ready for action. What appeared before us were slightly stronger beasts, it looked as though we may have met our match this time (Off in the distance I could have sworn I heard someone being hit by a blunt object while others were laughing.. but I took no heed to it and shook the feeling).

The second battle went on for longer than the first. After tiring out easily after this one, even our bloodthursty friend seeing that his desire was filled, we decided to step on our own tablets again. Before we went towards them our assassin friend saw a shiny object. He ran towards it and tried to take it (Kind of ironic for a bird creature), but as he pulled on it he saw that it was being held by a skeletal figure. He pulled on the object harder but that only triggered another trap. I was surprised that he didn’t check for trap mechanics on it (I will take future note of this and be ready to stop him from making the same mistake when another shiny object comes into play).

This new battle however, was incredibly difficult as we all were trying our best to hit these beasts (I was doing the worse, again, so I decided to sit down and wait for the rest of the adventurers to finish up). But this proved to be even more difficult as our battlemage (Giving him the title because it seemed to suit him) fell to the floor, passed out from a blow to the head. I didn’t think we could win this one, but we still fought on.

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The Adventure Log will allow you to chronologically order the happenings of your campaign. It serves as the record of what has passed. After each gaming session, come to the Adventure Log and write up what happened. In time, it will grow into a great story!

Best of all, each Adventure Log post is also a wiki page! You can link back and forth with your wiki, characters, and so forth as you wish.

One final tip: Before you jump in and try to write up the entire history for your campaign, take a deep breath. Rather than spending days writing and getting exhausted, I would suggest writing a quick “Story So Far” with only a summary. Then, get back to gaming! Grow your Adventure Log over time, rather than all at once.


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