Mortignar Vox'Potestas

Tiefling Warlock, looking to regain his lost soul.


Dont know the number crunching yet. Creating char with group soon.


Unknown parents, Mortignar was nameless for the first 19 years of his life. He was found outside of the village Unduin, whom the village elder’s brother took Mortignar in. Because of the Tiefling horns he had, he was simply known as the Accursed Child.

At a young age, the village elder’s brother told Mortignar why he was hated, and spoke to him the legends of Bael Turath, the once great and powerfull empire who’s sorcerers sold their souls to many Devils for power. All of the sorcerer’s were marked visibly by this evil arcane power, and all their descendants would inherit the horns of a demon.

Mortignar’s nights forever after were haunted by infernal nightmares. Many years later at the age of nineteen, Mortignar killed one the mother and father in front of one of the villagers whom tormented him the most as a form of revenge. Afterwords he killed the teenager.

Driven off by the village Mortignar slept, for the first time in almost a decade his dreams were calm. The infernal flames and torments he witnessed in his past nightmares would bend and twist to his own desire instead of harming him. The great Arch Devil, Asmodeus Lord of the Nine Hells came to Mortignar in the dream. He offered him the ability to control Infernal Powers, and told him that this dream was just a preview of what he could be given. All Asmodeus asked for in return was Mortignar’s soul.

Agreeing, Mortignar awoke with his blood boiling in searing agony. The Infernal Pact was made, and beside him a book was left to him. Titled Mortignar Vox’Potestas the book detailed all the spells Mortignar could ever learn. Taking the book for study, Mortignar began to call himself after his book, and took revenge on the village of Unduin.

Now merely days later, Mortignar sets off to find adventure. His mind and soul both broken, he had just two goals. Most importantly Power, over life and death. The power to take and use souls as he pleases, just as the Devils of the Planes Above could. Firstly though to prove to himself he could do this he must take his own soul back from Asmodeus. Killing that Arch Devil, or taking back his soul is his ultimate goal.

He had one other goal however. In his broken mind and rage, Mortignar also desires nothing more at moments to inflict pain upon himself and others, burning his hatred to the world and himself.

Mortignar Vox'Potestas

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