Legend of the Rune Bearers

The Travelers first villiage (Through the eyes of the lovable Bruma)

After a day of searching we had lost the tracks of the old man. I shrugged and let out a groan, my nature skills failed me. What we did manage to find though was the last whereabouts of the old man. Excited to find other life other than animals we eagerly made our way to the small village.
Upon arival what we saw wasn’t much but we were still excited to explore around (Mortignar wasn’t as enthusiastic, to him this was just another place to lay waste), plus knowing him we had to be careful around him when he speaks. To top it all off the fact that he had horns on his head diddn’t help much at all. Villagers were staring at us (Yes, we were an odd group of travelers, probably nothing like what they had seen before), I mean just look at us. There was myself (although I don’t see how anyone could possibly think I wasn’t cute and cuddly), there was our little crow-like assassin friend Berrian (With a tenancy to try and steal shiny things, and always on my back, but that was ok with me. He wasn’t heavy at all), there was our human bard Amber (Probably the most diplomatic of us all, with mad skills at that box with strings on it everyone calls a ‘lute’), and now there was our new friend Vaelis (I’m not sure what he is yet, but he was badly beaten up so he wasn’t just a pile of rocks.. he was a pile of rocks with feelings). In my opinion I think this is a pretty normal group, but that’s just me.

I was thirsty, so I decided to hop someones stone fence and drink from their well.. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind. Some people watched this and I don’t know what they were thinking, with their silly expressions on their faces, but I didn’t care. Hopping across the fence and back to the group I looked at them while they had another kind of silly expression on their faces. I really don’t get some of these weird facial expressions, but maybe one day I will figure them out.

The village was very small with only a few houses and a church up on a hill. Each house represented an Inn that we could stay at. There was a really nice one that was close to the church, and it seemed to have a small orchard next to it. The next one wasn’t as fancy but it was very much lived in and probably cozy enough. The last one looked almost scary, but you could still make out one or two people inside. We chose the last one because we didn’t want to spend any more money than we should for just sleeping under a roof. Before going to an inn to rest Mortignar wanted to check out the church, I don’t know what for but it seemed as though this guy had a past to him that involved maybe a church? or maybe he just wanted to see which God they worshiped. It became pretty apparent which God they worshiped when we entered. The place was seemed very huge on the inside, with a ceiling that even I couldn’t reach. The only one interested in the matter of speaking with the priest was Morty (Our nickname for Mortignar). The rest of us decided to check the place out, with Amber just standing near the door. After a while Berrian and I became bored and sat down to pass the time. We heard Morty and the Priest speaking louder and then soften their tones again keeping their conversation secret, with Mortignar still speaking in a bolder more noticeable fashion. We caught a slight glimpse of what they were talking about and decided to try and listen in, the only one not entirely interested was Amber. What we could make out was that they were talking about certain Gods, one particular one came up and at that moment the candles flared up. Berrian and I were excited and tried to figure out which word made the candles do that. We figured out the name and we both started shouting it, making the candles flare up more and more each time. It was like a game, and Amber saw this and thought it was fun so she decided to enter in. We counted to three and we all shouted (insert name of God here) and the candles flared up to new heights. It was fun while it lasted but the Priest didn’t like it so he commanded us to leave. I was sad because the fun and games were over, drooping my ears down. We figured out that what we thought was the god they worshiped was wrong, rather they were worshiping another god yet using this one as a cover up, for reasons I don’t know.

We made our way to the slightly disturbing inn, with all the travelers inside it became a little crampy, but there was still moving space around us. There was a short little dwarfish guy who approached us. This guy seemed to be the inn keeper the way he addressed us. Mortignar was about to speak to him but I tried to cover his mouth because his mouth was what made us get into a lot of trouble back in the past, but it failed again! (Blast.. I’ve got to work on being quicker). Morty threatened the inn keeper which made him startled, and slightly afraid. He gave us useful information and let us stay at the inn for free (aww, what a nice man). He told us that we had to keep our pets outside though.. I looked around. When I realized he was talking about me I became shocked with the rest of the group. I became very sad and gave him a sorrowful look (puppy eyes, engage!). Amber decided to convince the inn keeper to let me stay, thank goodness that worked because now I was able to stay inside in the nice warm inn with spiders to keep me company. The sun was still out, but not for very long as everything had a slight glow too it as the sun set behind the mountains. We left Vaelis at the inn and we went to the stores to pick up some things that we could use and to give our unwanted and broken items away for gold or repairs.

The first shop we entered was very interesting indeed, not because of the stuff that was for sale or the way the store was laid out, but because of the very extravagant store clerk at the other end of the desk. This man was very colorful I couldn’t stop staring at him wide eyed. His robes were very thick, covering up his whole body except for the tips of his hands and his head. I wanted to give him a big hug but there were shoulder armor pads that were extremely pointy so I decided not too. At this point however Mortignar really wanted the shiny robes I was carrying. They were of no real use to me and he held an item that I really wanted. I gave him the robes and he gave me the item I wanted, to my surprise the store clerk was very thrilled at this act of kindness and gave us all (15gp. Still guessing). I was so happy that I wanted to give him another hug but saw the shoulder pads and slouched again in sadness and almost in defeat. After a while we had all our items traded off for gold. I was so excited that I almost accidentally sold the book that had the records of everything I ever did in my life. The store clerk was very amused and even laughed a couple of times. He told me that this could make a very good read and that he would offer me 75 gold peices. I was almost so tempted, but I knew that I was still trying to figure out myself and needed that book so I declined, he was very sad at my decision but respected it none the less. Berrian gave his helm for the clerk to repair, but realizing that he didn’t necessarily need it, so he let me pay for the repairs so I could have it. I agreed. It was fun in that store and I definitely wanted to meet that colorful store clerk again (Hopefully without those huge pointy shoulder armor). The sun was almost down and everything was gradually getting darker, hearing the fist chirps of crickets in the distance. Mortignar wanted to make one more stop before returning to the inn, so we decided to check out this trinket store.

As we entered the store my eyes widened, and so did Berrian’s. I saw all the shiny things around and was mesmerized, and I’m sure Berrian was there plotting ways to acquire some of these shinnies. Mortignar went up to the front while we looked around. I didn’t know what he said (And I should have been there to shut his mouth, but knowing my reaction time I probably would have failed anyway), but all of a sudden the old lady at the other end of the desk held a sword to him and pointed to the door. Amber tried to talk to her to let us stay but instead the old lady lifted up her hand and conjured a fire ball out of no where.. how rude. Defeated, we all left the shop, some of us nudging Mortignar. I looked back at the old woman and gave her my wide eyed, teary look (Puppy eyes, Engage!). With nothing else left to do and the light fading away we made our way back to the inn.

It had been a long day and there was much more to face in the future. After talking to the inn keeper some more we all decided to make our way to our beds so we can rest and think over all the things we’ve acquired to our knowledge.

(I left out some parts where other characters were more attune to rather than my own. I also left out very few parts that I had forgotten over time. Just view the videos of our night to get the whole story :) thanks)



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