Legend of the Rune Bearers

The Catacombs part 3 (Through the eyes of the lovable bruma)

The battle raged on inside the illuminated room. My hits weren’t landing anyone but we still had our combat crazed, battle mage Mortignar landing brutal hits, and our trusty bard Amber playing her loot and causing enemies to think we attacked them instead of her. Off in the corner, hiding and obviously for the first time this wasn’t his fault, Berrian struck his foes even though he was cornered. The numbers of our enemies withdrew as we kept killing them off one by one. All throughout this battle the crazy old man kept using this weird power I have never felt before. It kept reaching for the orb I had in my backpack, but I was able to fend off this weird form of magic… for a while. But as the numbers dwindled and my strength diminishing, the old man (dr. Seuss we called him) managed to conjure a spell that sneaked past me reaching for the orb. With the orb now in his hands there was nothing more for him here, so being a coward he left the dungeon leaving his minions behind to kill us, or rather die by our hands as the circumstances led to.

The party was devastated, we had lost the one important thing entrusted to us by the creatures in the cave. We journeyed out way through part of the catacombs we hadn’t explored yet, finding out that we had taken a rout which was much more pleasing than one we could have gone on. We also made our way past the lying and truthful statues and up the stairs.

We all made our way out of the hole that we once made our way through to reach the catacomb. What we thought to expect a rusty old shack, now appears nothing but burnt wood and scattered pieces of remains hardly worth scavenging. None the less we searched for some promised gold, knowing full well that there probably wouldn’t be any left, but to our surprise we managed to gain a total of (20 gp, but that’s just guessing). Nothing left for us here we decided to go and follow the old man’s footprints. We decided to set up camp and rest up before journeying through the forest.



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