Legend of the Rune Bearers

The Catacombs part 2 (Through the eyes of the lovable bruma)

Somehow after a gruesome battle and our efforts to stop the others from setting off more traps, it was time to head on.

We entered a quiet dark cave, cold and damp. The light that I carried illuminated the room only slightly. One thing for sure that we could see almost clearly was the orb the old man was talking about. Our group huddled in and started making out what we should do next. All of a sudden I realized that this was the orb and blurted it out. It seemed pretty obvious at the time but I just had to make sure with everyone that we were on the same page. Our next action was to take the rope we had and throw it onto the cliff so one of us could climb to the top. We chose Berrian for this because he was the lightest of us all. I tied the rope around my waste for more support. Berrian successfuly acquired the orb and brought it down to us. We lost some rope trying to get it back. We all stood there looking at the orb, deciding whether or not we should take it back to the old man because it seemed very important. Inside the cave many small growls were emitting off the walls, and one larger growl from on top of the cliff. We soon noticed that we were surrounded and that there was no way out. The beast on top hissed out a warning to those whom stole the ‘shiny’ (Which was us). We were just deciding on whether it was a good idea or not to attack them and maybe if we talked more about the situation with them then we can work something out.. but oh no, it had to be Mortignar again to screw things up. Shouting out a threat then casting out a magic missile that was more powerfull then all his others, he struck the largest beast. Our bard managed to heal him and ask for forgiveness for our friends actions.

Off the the side of the cliff the adventurers noticed another man lying on the ground, badly bruised. Our bard wanted to help him but he was fine.

After figuring out that they were under a curse but they were friendly we decided to have an intelligent conversation with him, rather than just plain attacking them with brute force. These are no ordinary creatures. They spoke english, but not to well though. The leader speaks of the orb and why we wish to take it. We try reasoning with him but so far nothing to avail. He finaly says that he will only give it up to the rune barrers. We all lift up our hands excitedly (Me the most). He sees our hands and is in shock. He excitedly lets us keep the orb now, jumping onto the ice. Bruma Jumped excitedly to hug the (can’t remember the beasts name). As he leapt towards the ice his companions reached out, almost appearing to be in slow motion, towards Bruma, shouting “nooo, Bruma”. As Bruma Hugged the (edit) he heard a craking noise. Eyes widened in shock as the big tauren thought he had cracked (edit’s) ribcage. Suddenly realizing the actual situation he looked down to his hoofs to find that he had actually stepped on ice and is just about to crack underneath his feet. Just as quickly as he looked down he grabbed the (edit) and jumped to shore with (edit) in his arms triumphantly, almost proud with himself for the feat (although he had caused the disaster in the first place). After when we leave him we know that soon he will perish. I became sad at this point and wanted him to stay with us, but he insisted that he stay and that we should go. Ears droop, but give him a big hug anyway.

The adventurers returned to the rune room, Bruma helping Vaelis walk, to find the old man standing there. He demands we give him the orb but we decide to keep it. Mortignar was just about to yell off at the old man again when Bruma tried to hold his mouth, but failed. After the taunt the old man laughed and attacked us, summoning 4 other minions who looked fairly tougher then any we had faced yet.

(To be continued)
(Sorry this wasn’t as descriptive as the last but it’s been 2 weeks or so since we did this and I’m tired and not very creative at this point x.x)



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